the Porn Girl (verzweiflung) wrote in i_dream_of_pi,
the Porn Girl


Lookie, PI has its own community. This place is for PI reggi-os ONLY, so if you don't know what this is... don't post. Its that simple.

If your interested in being a maintaner, IM me. :0)


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Hrmph, testing.
Hey Jo. This is Erin from the PI board. I want to join. :)
:0) You've been added and SHOULD get a confirmation e-mail soon.
Hi, Jo. It's Megan from the PI Board.
Can I join?

And yes. :0D
How do you make/get an icon?? I am totally clueless in that matter.
Well, you can either find an icon site, or make one yourself with a photoshop. It needs to be no larger than 100x100 pixels and 40kb or less... tell me what youe want, I can make you one.
i love you for making this. despite the fact that all can now witness my horribly uncreative username. still, good stuff right here.
Yay. I now have a live and a dead journal. I want to join. Please.
Oh, yeah, this is Lisa Marie from the PI board.
Without a doubt you're in, dear.
Hi, it's Sammi from the PI board (obviously). I wanna join ^_^
Hell yes, mothafukka!

See? Could I say that on AOL? Could I? Could I? Uh, no. ^_^
Hey Jo <3
It's Aewyn from the PI board. I know I'm kinda new and such but could I join?

By teh way, Bauhaus=O_O<33333
So us with the punkest of idenetities are gaining ground. First AOL, then livejournal, what next? Soon We'll create a punkocracy over the entire world!

(P.S. This is David.)
Punkocracy... why am I suddenly reminded of NoFX?